Antenatal (Pre-Birth) Care

Your Ultimate option offers extensive pre-birth benefits including 9 specialist, midwife or GP consultations as well as 2x 2D ultrasound scans throughout your pregnancy.



Because the Ultimate option is all about choice, it allows you to decide whether you’d prefer a caesarean section (length of hospital stay: 4 days and 3 nights) or normal delivery (length of hospital stay: 3 days and 2 nights). Emergency C-sections are, of course, also fully covered. Emergency C-sections are, of course, also fully covered.


Should your little one require neonatal intensive care, rest assured that your Ultimate option has them more than covered.



Your Ultimate option even helps you to shop for baby! Pretty awesome right? As an Ultimate member, your benefits include an impressive R1 016 voucher that can be spent at any one of our preferred pharmacies. Think healthcare essentials, nappies, bottles, formula, you name it. Remember to touch base with your Personal Maternity Care Coordinator after the 32nd week of your pregnancy to activate the voucher and shop till you drop within 1-year of receiving it.