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IDEAL OPTION FOR: Healthy young families

A clear leader in its category, the Flex and Flex Plus options were specifically developed around the needs of young and healthy families who need affordable cover without compromising benefits. With cost being a key consideration at this life stage, the range offers two options: Flex where hospital and chronic benefits are accessed via our extensive range of network providers and Flex Plus where any provider can be used.

  1. Belonging to one of the industry’s most affordable and benefit rich options in this category

  2. Unlimited private hospitalisation at our wide range of network hospitals

  3. Excellent maternity benefits including 3 specialist visits and 3 scans (2x2D and 1x3D)

  4. A handy casualty benefit

  5. Extensive day-to-day benefits of more than R30 000, including generous cover for GP and Specialist visits

  6. A unique Flexi Benefit to further boost your already impressive day-to-day cover

  7. Great advanced dentistry benefit that includes cover for crowns and bridges

  8. Excellent cover for 29 chronic conditions


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