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IDEAL FOR: Young and healthy families in need of comprehensive cover with a savings component

The Advance option is perfectly suited to young couples wanting to start a family or those who have already added a youngster to the crew. Offering exceptional cover at truly affordable rates, the Advance option will ensure that this family’s unique healthcare needs are more than covered. 

  1. Belonging to one of the industry’s best options in this category

  2. Unlimited hospitalisation at any private hospital

  3. A unique combination of day-to-day benefits that provide both flexibility in the form of a generous savings account, as

    well as security in the form of traditional (stated) benefits

  4. A wide range of preventative care benefits to keep your family as healthy as possible, for as long as possible

  5. Fantastic maternity benefits including scans and antenatal classes

  6. A generous R20 000 benefit for MRI and CT scans*

* In- and out-of-hospital